James started Geese Guys, LLC in 2010 after experiencing the extreme impact Canada geese can have on the landscape.  An avid golfer, James became frustrated by the levels of goose poop covering the local golf courses.  According to James, “Playing golf was more like an excursion through a huge litter box.  The greens and fairways were covered in oily, disgusting landmines.”  This prompted him to begin exploring effective Canada goose control methods.  He discovered the effectiveness of border collies and the rest, as they say, is history.

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General Manager, Lead Wildlife Biologist

Vance joined the Geese Guys in October of 2015. He has a B.S. in Biology from Washington State University and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Portland State University. An avid birder and avian ecologist, Vance has spent several years working with northern spotted owls in the Oregon Coast Range. He’s also interested in plants that are endemic to the Willamette Valley, and his volunteer work at Metro’s Native Plant Center has helped him to develop a broader understanding of local ecology. In his spare time, Vance enjoys reading, sports, listening to music and spending time with his family.



Account Manager, Lead Dog Trainer

Gabe enthusiastically joined the Geese Guys Team in November 2014.  He is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) with 6 years of experience in reward based/positive dog training, using only methods approved by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB).  Gabe is the proud dad of 3 border collies: Icy, Legs Diamond and Bill. When not out managing geese, you can find these 4 playing canine frisbee, trick training, hiking in the woods, or out and about at neighborhood parks.

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Client & Community Relations, Wildlife Biologist

Kristen joined the Geese Guys Team in 2012, bringing with her 12 years of professional experience in wildlife research, organizational development, and environmental education. She holds a MA in Environmental Leadership and is passionate about connecting people with nature, especially wildlife. She believes education is the best way to create sustainable change in our complex world, and views Geese Guys as the perfect venue to engage and share her love of animal behavior, dogs, and science with the community.


Wildlife Biologist

Will joined the Geese Guys Team in November 2014. He is an ardent naturalist, dog lover, and conservationist. He has a degree in Riparian Ecology from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  Since 2008, Will has been working with both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species as a Biologist and Scuba Diver.  He has also led and participated in numerous habitat restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, he was involved with Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s project to trap and relocate hatchery origin Chinook salmon in an effort to keep them away from the wild stock’s spawning grounds.

Do you love working outdoors & the smell of wet dog in the morning?

We're always looking for new Geese Guys and Gals (human and K9) to join our growing team.

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The Stare Master

The original. Her intense border collie stare intimidates even the most stubborn of geese.  


Director of Swimming

True to his name, he loves nothing better than to exuberantly plunge into the water after the geese. 



Secretary of Shenanigans

Little brother of Daze, he was raised on a sheep farm in Texas. He is a charmer who loves to greet everyone he meets. 



Secretary of Sweetness

She is sweet as pie and quickly learned that geese are the new sheep.



Goose Master

This sweet girl aims to please and keeps those pesky geese in line with ease. 


Legs Diamond

The Fast One

Legs Diamond is faster than lightning, with a predator eye that makes every goose fly!


Mr. Bill

The Young Blood

Don't let this guy's age fool you, he is a master when it comes to the stalk . As a true working dog, Bill loves nothing more then to chase geese far far away!