Geese Guys designs and implements comprehensive and humane Canada Goose Management Programs (CGMP) that specifically address the needs and challenges of our clients’ properties. Geese don’t take days off, so neither do we! We are available 7 days a week, sun up to sun down, to keep flocks of geese on the move. 

Our CGMPs integrate the following strategies to achieve long-term results in the most efficient and humane manner possible:


We use highly trained border collies to humanely stalk and clear Canada geese off your property. These dogs have been bred for generations to silently stare at livestock to move them without physically coming in contact with the animals. This intense gaze translates to the geese as a predation attempt, and quickly tells the geese that there is a “predator” on site.


Canada geese are extremely fearful of novel situations and are hesitant to return to areas where they have experienced diverse hazing techniques. We take advantage of this quality by utilizing new and varied methods of disturbing them when they are in no tolerance zones. At times, our Goose Managers and Dogs may pursue the geese in the water or air. We commonly utilize remote controlled crafts, as well as long distance green lasers and kayaks to encourage the geese to disperse out of the area. All of our methods are humane and are supported by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and The Humane Society of America (HSUS)


We apply and recommend the product Flight Control, PLUS  to discourage overgrazing of grass sources by Canada geese during nesting and molting season. This product is safe for humans and pets and is an effective way to deter flocks when geese are flightless during the summer months.


During nesting season, we work with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to apply humane egg depredation methods in order to discourage hatch out of goslings and exponential population growth on our client’s properties. We follow protocols laid out by the Humane Society of the US and PETA to ensure all of our interventions are humane. This service is not currently available in the State of Washington.


Our intention is always to prevent conflict between human populations and Canada geese. As such, we serve as experts in the field of Canada goose ecology and strive to continually educate the public about how their actions affect Canada goose and other Oregon wildlife species. We present educational talks upon request to residents, board members and groups that serve to connect people with wildlife populations and further support us in our efforts to rebalance ecosystems, and support healthier wildlife populations and human communities.

PRICING is property specific and is dependent upon the severity of your goose challenges, site accessibility and distance from our home-base. We offer FREE Goose Dog Demonstrations, educational talks and site assessments, so you can get your questions answered and witness the effectiveness of our methods first hand. 


Increased biodiversity.

Reduction of goose droppings.

Improved water quality.

Decreased overgrazing of landscaping.

Reduction of maintenance costs.

Decreased risk of goose aggression.

Improved ground safety.

Increased sense of satisfaction in knowing that you are doing your part to humanely create healthier wildlife populations and ecosystems.